Jerusalem Technology Investments (JTI)

Israel is ranked #1 in investment in R&D (as percentage of GDP).

Our vision

Close to 6,000 high tech companies operate in Israel with the highest concentration of start-ups anywhere in the world with the exception of Silicon Valley.

Start-Up Nation: 

Over 100 leading multi-national companies have opened R&D centers in Israel. Among them are: Apple, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Siemens, Google, Samsung, Barclays, 3M, GE, GM, J&J.

The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

Wide portfolio of Israeli start-up companies

Launching a start-up or going into high tech has become the most respected and “normal” thing for an ambitious young Israeli to do

Offering a unique platform as a gateway to the “Start-Up Nation” through a publicly traded company:

Israel leads the world in venture capital investments per capital.

  • “Hands on” approach
  • Global network of connections
  • Access to deal flow 
  • Strong strategic view
  • Experience with capital markets in Israel, US and Asia 
  • Experienced team with proven track record (from inception to exit)

To become the largest publicly traded platform investing in Israeli  advanced technology companies, leading them along the path to success.

  • Inspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. 
  • Innovative and disruptive ideas implemented as proven technologies.
  • Global market opportunity. 
  • Opportunity to bring value through our experienced executive team and global network.​​

Easy investment through a public traded company.

Your Gateway

to the Start-up Nation

On becoming an entrepreneur: “What in most countries is somewhat exceptional in Israel has become an almost standard career track”.

2015 was a record year with 708 tech companies raising over $4.4 billion.

Israeli hi-tech recorded 104 exits totaling $9 billion in 2015: 8 IPOs raised over $600 million (following 18 IPOs that raised $2 billion in 2014) and 96 M&A deals totaled $8.4 billion.  

Added Value

We looking for:

Israel has the highest percentage of scientists in the world.


Experienced team with proven track record.

Israel is one of the world’s foremost idea factories, and provides clues for the meta-ideas of the future