Your Gateway to the Startup Nation

JTI offers the first publicly traded security enabling any investor to own a piece of some of the most dynamic, VC-backed private companies in Israel, the Startup Nation.

JTI is a publicly traded investment company seeking to identify and invest principally in rapidly growing venture capital-backed Israeli private companies. As a liquid, publicly traded stock, JTI is a unique vehicle that enables public investors to access an attractive asset class in which they otherwise may not be able to invest.

Driven by fundamental structural change in the IPO market, which has resulted in significantly fewer IPOs with companies staying private longer, there are several hundred VC-funded private companies in Israel with the potential to achieve a market value of $100 million or greater. JTI seeks to identify those leaders in specific sectors of the innovation economy that have the ability to deliver open-ended growth potential.

JTI enables investors to “get in early” on these emerging company, while they are still under the radar and their before their products are well known, before their growth inevitably slows due to scale and before becoming so big that compelling returns are difficult to attain or sustain.

JTI shareholders benefit from a systematic and disciplined approach to identifying future star companies, as well as a strategic investing ecosystem that draws on strong relationships with leading venture capitalists, both in Israel and overseas, as well as contacts across the business, technology and academic sectors in Israel.

Led by Samuel HaCohen, Adiv Baruch and Yaron Ilan MD , highly regarded as among the leading VC players in Israel, JTI management and advisory teams offer investors demonstrated thought leadership and longstanding experience in growth investing.