Hybrid Security works in the cyber security space. Its main focus is to provide web application security and threat intelligence on website. Hybrid Telepath, the company's flagship product, is a software-based Web Behavioral Analytics (WBA) solution. Telepath employs a hybrid approach that includes behavioral rules as well as machine learning to analyze sessions, identify malicious activity and automatically mitigate it.

SP Nano has developed and patented a unique nano-reinforcement protein, called SP1, which acts as a binding agent to significantly enhance the properties of a range of composite materials addressing large high value market opportunities.  

Producer of the airSEM® - the world’s first and only Scanning Electron Microscope that works in a free air (non-vacuum) environment.

Covertix solution provides complete control and protection of confidential files when shared with internal /external parties without affecting business continuity or end user’s behavior. Covertix solution can protect any type of file, anywhere inside or outside the organization, on any device. This enables the organization to monitor and control its information usage by external users (partners, customers, suppliers etc.).


ReDent-Nova Ltd. is a dental technology company, developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative dental devices in the field of endodontics. The company's flagship product is the SAF (Self Adjusting File) which cleans shapes and irrigates root canals in one step, providing better performance in root canal treatments, while reducing dramatically the file separation phenomena.

RenalSense is a medical device company dedicated to real-time renal diagnostics.  The company’s first-of-its-kind product, Clarity RMS, changes the practice of ICU and critical care management by providing continuous, automatic monitoring of urine flow for real-time assessment of renal function and prevention of ICU-acquired Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). 

Next generation proton beam cancer therapy. The system is based on an existing laser system, a nano-metric system that emits protons and a magnetic-component system that aims the proton ray. The company managed to achieve the ray power needed for several medical treatments using a commercial laser source. 

User1st is the fastest, most cost-effective solution for website and web application accessibility and usability for the elderly and disabled communities. User1st makes websites accessible and easy-to-use, ensuring compliance with the strictest industry regulations, reducing financial and corporate risks, and maximizing web exposure and revenue. It is offered  to private and public organizations such as universities, municipalities, governments, NGO’s, Fortune 500 companies, banks and SMEs.

Hairstetics developing a multiple hair implantation device which is minimally invasive, affordable, easy to use and suitable for treatment to match the baldness progression. The procedure utilizes a single button disposable cartridge, preloaded with an array of hair implants, the only solution to match the dynamic progression of baldness.

VocalZoom develops a multi functional sensor for human to machine communication. The sensor enables: voice control, voice authentication, speech recognition and communications in virtually any environment. Its unique electroptic sensor substantially reduces background noise, enabling high and reliable recognition rates and clear communications under almost any noisy conditions. VocalZoom’s technology is applicable to a wide variety of applications, including professional headsets, mobile devices, automotive.

Top I Vision develops and manufactures airborne observation systems, land and nautical observation equipment and provides air observation services. The product lines include mobile aerostat systems, unmanned vehicle systems and lightweight Electro-optic systems.
Top I vision provides products and turnkey systems for governments, law enforcement agencies, Home Land Security Organization (HLS) and large security integrators

LunGuard develops medical devices to protect patients from Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP). It has developed a smart disposable nasogastric feeding tube with 3 distal balloons positioned in the lower third of the esophagus to reduce reflux ,24/7 and increase patient comfort and satisfaction. It also optimizes ventilation and shortens hospital stay by continuous monitoring of the esophageal pressure for an accurate trans-pulmonary pressure calculation, without the need for separate catheter.